Training Peaks Link Retired?

Hi - is this for real? It seems the TrainingPeaks Link is retired. This is a blow as it’s my clean source of workout data. I do have many rides in Garmin Connect and also some in ZWIFT. I combine these in Training Peaks where you get one view of everything in one place. I do have a Strava account but am rather private about my training and don’t like the whole Strava thing, plus I seem to end up with files flying all over the place and frankly I don’t really get the linking between all these applications when I do so STRAVA link is not really preferred. I really want to run XERT and TrainingPeaks in parallel, paying for both, but are TrainingPeaks using their dominance to kill their up and coming competitor at my expense? Any help would be appreciated otherwise I am afraid it’s then end of XERT for me as I simply don’t have time to manage all these damn files in five different places!

Hi John, my experience is that Xert is time saving with files. As example I do ride Tacx Tours competition riders between 1-2 hours avg. I use the workouts and start mostly with them and finish with some tempo. Xert uploads the workout file during the ride from XM and after finishing the 2 nd lap is automatically spitted and uploaded. Nice feature and realy timesaving.

John. Unfortunately we can’t reverse their decision. What I would recommend you do is to record all activities with your Garmin, even your Zwift ones. At least then Garmin Connect will contain all your activities. Then (soon) you’ll be able to use our Garmin Connect interface to sync your rides. Using your Garmin also means you have a record of your activities on the device itself that you can keep.