Training pacer vs. form

Hi Armando, quick question on training pacer vs. form vs. suggested workouts. Right now, the pacer shows that I’m on the brink of falling behind in my training, yet the current training status/form shows red/very tired. How does that work? Very tired, but about to start de-training? And then, when I look at the advisor, it shows a 108XSS training deficit, yet still suggests a recovery workout - is that because of the very tired rating? I’ve had this very tired status all week after doing a long ride last Saturday (about 6hrs) followed by a 2.5hrs on Sunday (with a 20min hill). So this week, Xert wasn’t giving me any workouts to do beyond recovery. Tuesday and Wednesday I ended up doing some stuff on my own (1x20 @ near threshold on Tuesday and 4x4 @ Z5 on Wednesday). Obviously, not according to Xert’s model, but I felt good both days. Any advice to resolve the conundrum? I tried changing my improvement rate from Aggressive2 to Extreme1, but it didn’t seem to help.
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If you click on the Advice button, you may see Xert offer a suggestion to slow things down with a recovery week. Typically if you on an extreme/aggressive play with a big deficit but very tired, your improvement isn’t sustainable. You can choose to ignore the recommendations but this is how it is working. If you training load is still low and you feel more fit than your status indicates, it may be the software hasn’t seen all your training or isn’t aware that your training is higher than it is. Be sure to include all your training info if in fact there is recent training missing. This will help boost the status and reduce the red Very tired status.

Thanks Armando. I have tried to add all my recent activities. The ones with power data are synced from Strava, and the ones without I was using TSS estimates from Strava. So I think the software sees all my recent training. Point taken on recovery weeks. I usually do 3-on/1-off week cadence, and this is week 2. However, prior to this current block, I had, effectively 2 weeks off due to illness and travel. Not sure if that’s skewing the results. Attached screenshot of today’s advice. X4

Appears that your freshness is going to return after a day or two of recovery. Gauge by feeling and override the choices if you’re feeling ok. If you start to see a long string of Very tired days, then you may want to assess things again.

Thank you. Does Xert “learn” over time what a user can handle? For example, if Xert’s estimates of tiredness are greater than that shown by workouts in the tired state (based on power or MPA or something more intelligent), it will adjust the model’s factors to better match the actual data? That’s a lot to ask, but since every person is unique, it would make sense to have this self-learning capability.

In some ways, if you can handle more, your TL will go up. The main issue is the lag in recognizing this. We are considering adding a user adjustment feature to enable to increase/decrease the difficulty/freshness the algorithm determines.

That would actually be very useful. At the end of the day, we know our bodies better than an algo can, and making subtle tweaks based on biofeedback could optimize the training progression even more. Then again, most competitive athletes will probably err on the side of too much, rather than too little. We are greedy folk :slight_smile:

Hi Andrea, one more question regarding changes in tiredness. As of this writing (13th) and having completed a couple of workouts today, it shows a red very tired state. Then, it changes to a yellow “tired” for tomorrow, but comes back to “Very tired” the day after. All of that without an assumption of additional workouts. Does the software assume a form of DOMS, where the fatigue/soreness/tiredness doesn’t come on immediately? X4

Might be related to your timezone setting. Check it under Account Settings.

That was it, thank you!