Training pacer issue

Is there a problem with the training pacer?

It’s sitting flat and no matter how many times I refresh my browser on either my laptop, phone, or chromebook no change…

There must be as I’m having the same issue

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FulGaz riders get together.
Mine is Ok, I did a 100k today so I think that is what is needed by both of you.

Seasons Greetings.

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I did a 50k today. Is that no good :wink:


Also did 100k today and no issues here. Must need to pedal longer :wink:

Have you tried clearing browser cache?

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On 3 separate devices at the same time?

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It looks like the problem was related to you adding the “New” video sections. They appear to have been removed now and it working again.

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I’m seeing the same issue. I have only 56 TSS deficit, and yet the needled is buried in the red. Website seems very slow too at times.

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Was only temporary, it cleared up and worked properly later that day