Training Pacer info box not readable

Can you fix this? The information is not readable because the box is out of the view.


Have the same issue with chrome

Issue has proven to be far more challenging to fix than expected and a lot of time has been spent on it as of now. We might take another look at it when we make a bigger update to the UI. Sorry. It annoys me too!


Tap (?) to view the help article which explains what’s what.
Outer band: Train/Training Optional
Inner band: Falling Behind/On Pace (Optimal)/Ahead of Plan

While the mouseover tooltip is a handy reminder, the Training Pacer requires a much deeper dive to fully appreciate and understand how the bands, needle, and triangle work together to encapsulate your training.
What you really need to know :wink:Episode I3 - Mastering Xert - Improve - The Adaptive Training Advisor - YouTube