Training Outside: How to effectively use the outside environment for specifik workout steps

We have these beautifull small climbs that are perfect to use for training. Is there a way to match the workout with this? For example, with Garmin I can create steps in a workout that will continue untill I press the lap button. So I can do my warming up when riding to the climb, press the lap button and do my first climb, press the lap button for rest in between, press the lap button for the second climb, etc.

I’m hoping to receive a Karoo 2 in the next few days, so I’d like this functionality specificaly for the Karoo 2.

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that is what I do when I have 4x8 minutes or 4 x 2 min and 3 x 3 min. Use the lap button, the length of recovery sometimes changes but its almost like an interval session with a degree of free-ride in it. It can be difficult to keep the power output steady as gradient changes, but I give myself a minimum and maximum power output to aim for with a heart rate limiter