Training load, recovery load difference?

Hi there, can you please clarify what exactly is the difference from training load and recovery load, ie is recovery load actual low level activity or just time of bike. Thanks really enjoying Xert so far as new user

Thanks Kevin. There are explanations in the glossary. If you are familiar with CTL and ATL used in impulse response models, these are analogous to our Training Load and Recovery Load.

Thanks for the quick response Armando, I had read the glossary but was a bit confused with the terms as acute load sounded like the opposite to recovery load?
The training advisor is saying very tired for me now, what’s your thinking on light recovery rides versus just taking a day or two no’s in advance

Above meant to type taking a day or two off. Thanks in advance.

Your Low TL recovers very quickly so if you ride easy, you’ll get recovery and a bit of extra XSS as you recover.

Great thanks for the info Armando