Training Focus / Form

Consistently on Recreational and Very Tired. I’m not tired :slight_smile: what’s this calculated from and what do i need to do for it to be more realistic?

It should correct itself over time. When stars are red, number of stars is increasing. With higher number of stars, it’s harder to make them red.

A related question. I have a number of bikes, but only one bike (road bike) has a power meter. So far I have uploaded only my rdes with power information. I wonder if I should also upload all my rides on my MTB (without power meter). Are these rides WITHOUT power information used by XERT for calculating training load/ form? Or used in any other way?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. Soon you’ll be able to manually input your training data in order to keep all your data up-to-date.

Thanks a lot. Just to be absolutely sure - so the rides without power meter are not used by Xert in ANY way - i.e. there is no use uploading those (at the moment).

That is correct. In the future, we’ll be looking at implementing an HR model for those activities without power but with HR data.