Training deficit stuck

Trying to figure this out. Training deficit is stuck at 15 XSS regardless how much I train. I got to the point of resetting my account and losing all my rides and stats to fix it. Any help would be appreciated!


When on the Training page do you a see a notice at top “Training Load is below 15”?
If so, you need a week’s worth of data to raise the level higher than that before XATA will function properly.

Yes I do see that. But I had that for weeks even though I was riding 2-3 days per week. Maybe each ride generating about 55-75 XSS.
Is that still the normal behavior?


Go to Progression tab, set to 6 weeks, select XPMC chart, and enable TL and XSS only.
Or go to Planner tab, Weekly Stats, TL column.
What range of numbers do you see during the last few weeks on the chart or in the table?