Training being recommended and needs clearing?

Hi all

How do I stop the app from recommending a workout. Each time I log in it seems to have recommended a workout and then that’s what it serves up on my Garmin even though I have a workout scheduled for the day.

I then need to forever clear these suggestions so it will hopefully send the planned workout to my Garmin. Cannot work out how to turn off the auto-rec, can anyone help?

If you have scheduled a specific workout on the Planner, make sure to define the Start Time for that workout. It will then show up on a Xert workout player (EBC or Connect IQ) if you start the player within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time. Otherwise, the currently suggested workout will load.
When you visit XO there is a list of recommendations that are in flux based upon time elapsed since last completed activity and current goal settings.
As you become accustomed to not populating a calendar, you’ll find it beneficial to review your options right before you work out. You can alternately ride outdoors to a focus duration point which does not require a workout selection and is performed by monitoring a few data fields instead.