Training and Threshold Power

I trained with Xert from September, although I nearly did every recommended workouts, my threshold power (and the other fitness signatures) continuously decrease…is that normal?

Normally, no. But how much data did Xert have to go on when you started? Did you import some older data, preferably about 3 months? You may have had a wrongly calculated ‘starting point’, but if you had no problem doing every suggested workout, I would still not expect your values to go down… I’m sure @mastracci can give you a better explanation…

Your fitness goes up with training but the data shows this when you get a breakthrough. If you’re training without breakthroughs, review the information on Signature Decay Method.

Thanks for the reply.
Since the first part of the training is a “base” session, I don’t think there’s any breakthroughs. I review the Signature Decay Method and it said the default decay mode is OK with the “base” part of training. I am a bit confused. If there’s no breakthroughs, will the fitness signature change due to the workload or XSS?

The No Decay method can be used during periods where you are training but not performing any maximal efforts, AND you wish to have the system track your increases & decreases in fitness signature more precisely over this period

Using Optimal during the base phase is “ok” but likely you’re better off with No Decay.

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