Training Advisor

Hi, just started on the platform and am still trying to find my way around, but so far it seems really promising.

I am having an issue of sorts with the training advisor. It seems no matter what i do, i cannot “catch up” to my to the deficit it says I have.

It says its based on my previous training load, but i’ve been training pretty hard the last few days compared to what ive been doing over the last 8 weeks, so i shouldnt be in a deficit, or at least not as big of one as it seems to think im in. At this rate, im affraid ill never get a rest day :frowning:

Remember that the deficit is based on a moving weekly average. Your training load has to increase of the course of the past 7 days. To catch up, you need to close the deficit but the next day you will have more. If you have a large “falling behind” deficit, you’ll need to do a bit more than usual to close it. If you are having difficulty, your improvement rate is too high. If you have missed a few days this week, then continue to try and close the deficit. It will close when you are able to train as before the missed days. Deficits don’t carry over.