Training Advisor

Yesterday I had a surplus of 0. This morning I’m greeted with “You have a Training Deficit of 398 XSS points requiring approximately 8.8 hours of training or about 1 activities/workouts.” I stand by my opinion that some algorithms would benefit from better rooting in reality. Just saying. I’ll be heading out for my 1 activity/workout now. :slight_smile:

what did you do last Sunday? Remember deficit is based on a rolling weekly xss.

Everested. As much as I’d like to, can’t do that every week.

Congrats! Just recognize that the progressive overload determined as xss deficit encompasses all your activities and your chosen improvement rate. Your deficit will smoothen out as your next week progresses. If you’re unable to invest sufficient time, you should reduce your improvement rate.

I’m on maintenance already :frowning:

I think what throws me off track most here is the weekday related load. That doesn’t really work for me so well because I regularly do silly efforts without any particular schedule. It all evens out in normal weeks, so I never gave much thought to that. :slight_smile:

I’m confused about this suggested improvement rate - time invested dynamic. Suppose I do every single indoor trainer workout between now and my event (8 weeks away). Will it generate the needed XSS and hours/week to get there? Looking at the workout durations and recommended XSS, it seems to be falling short of the mark.

If the improvement rate is say Aggressive-1 which calls for a TL ramp rate of 4 points per week, if XSS deficit is maintained near 0, your TL will go up by 4 points per week. That’s how things get calculated. If you’re falling short, you’re not closing the deficit. The advisor will recommend training that will keep your deficit near 0 so long as you train at a minimum what you’ve been training recently.