Training Advisor: Out of Focus vs Optimal Focus

I am trying to find the proper training for today. I am prescribed 202 XSS of Pure Endurance.

When searching through the suggestions from the Training Advisor it is a bit hard to understand why some workouts are listed as Optimal Focus and some are listed as Out of Focus. I assume Focus here is the Xert term (e.g. 5-min vs 3-hour power).

The standard Sweet Spot 63x50 at 90 % workout is listed as Out of Focus. The actual Focus is 3 hours.

If I copy the workout and adjust the number of reps from 63 to 99 reps to reach the target XSS, then it will suddenly be listed as Optimal Focus.

I appreciate that the original workout does not have enough XSS to complete the demand for the day, but as far as I can see the Focus for both workouts is the same (3 hours).

Wouldn’t be correct to present the original workout as Fair, Optimal Focus and the adjusted workout as Good, Optimal Focus?

Instructions for the day are to ride “near your LTP” until you accumulate around 200 XSS.
If you view the day’s advice details from the Training page you’l find his expanded text under Training Advice.

You should ride easy to complete the required training. This is often called “LSD” or “Long Slow Distance”. Others call it Zone 2 training. The goal of this training is to ride easy and long enough to put strain on your low intensity energy system and avoid putting strain on your high and peak intensity systems. This helps improve the body’s aerobic/oxidative energy capacity which translate to improving your ability to use fat to supply energy to the working muscles. This increases your threshold power and also increases your ability to go longer distances without getting tired.

[Your next High Intensity training is only [X] days away so keep your intensity in check the whole time today. Stay at or below your lower threshold throughout.]

Zone: 2 - Endurance. Target Interval Power: [Below LTP] watts.

You don’t need to select any workout to do that indoors or outdoors, but if you did want one the closest is this – Xert - Workout Details (
Indoors I’d ride in Slope mode and occasionally monitor the LTP line on the Session Player power chart. No real need for trainer control but if I wanted to make it a mindless endeavor watching Netflix, I could ride that workout in AUTO mode and adjust % periodically.
Outdoors I’m simply riding as easy as possible while monitoring XSS on a 3+ hour ride.

As for the list of workout entries you found –
You have the Basic Workouts Library enabled under Community, My Coach.
You can disable that or exclude those entries during searches by unchecking Community under Filter.

Good catch. This was from last week’s update. Out of focus gets applied if there is not enough low intensity XSS relative to the planned amount. We’ll have to fix that.

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Thanks @xertedbrain .

@ridgerider2 I have read the instructions, the question was really why I got the “Out of Focus” message in this case.

Should be fixed.

Thanks, looks good now.