Training Advisor Inconsistencies

How can this be fixed!
The entire day, xata tells me that I had 25 xss surplus. Because of that and realizing that I had a surplus, I did very fast interval runs . That means I Used up all my energy.

i just came back from my running workouts and now, surprise, surpruse… xata tells me that I have 16 xss debit and I need to do 100 xss whearas before it was only 40 xss. This was only in a period of 2 hours. ( it also lowered ftp from 198 to 197)

It may sound trivial but it does not allow me to plan anything. So, something is wrong! it appears that the calculations by the xert engine are not done correctly or someone just forgot to turn it on.
There is no reason why at the beginning of the day ( midnight) the calculation should not be done so that I ( we) can better plan our workouts! Nothing, absolutely nothing has changed since midnight. Even it it takes into account the time passed, it should still be proactive and perform some look ahead cal culations!
Now, Im stuck! had I know what xert is telling me now, i would not have done intervals.
How can this be remedied?

Use the planner if you wish to know in advance what XATA will say. This is likely the best thing for you if you need to know in advance. For many users, they have an hour to train at some point in the day. At that time, they login and choose a one hour workout. Simple.

Hi Fernando,
A 16 XSS deficit is nothing to worry about. The best way to review your progress is to use the Training Pacer - keep the needle in the middle portion of the Pacer and you’ll be fine. The XSS deficit/surplus is calculated every time you log in, and it looks at the last week. So ‘lapping’ a ride from a week ago, for example, can have a material impact on deficit/surplus calculation, hence the Pacer. Another way to look ahead is on your Fitness Planner…click on a date in the future (e.g. tomorrow) to see what your training status and training deficit will be at your Usual Activity Time.

I guess I need to find out how to use the fitness planner to do a look ahead. Thanks

i tried to use the planner, but apparently on my Ipad, once I click on the desired day ( tomorrow) without my input it selected a workout with excessive xss and then it stated that i wouod have a surplus xss, it did kt match the proper workout and at least on my ipad there.s o pull down me to select from a list of smart workouts ( like one foes manually The normal way!