Training Advisor contradictorily?

I’m trying to make sense of the Advisor recomendation:
It starts with

You are in the Day of Event phase of your program and have chosen a Maintenance weekly improvement rate. You have a Training Deficit of 113 XSS points requiring approximately …

but it also states:

Your current Training Status is Tired and should consider a Endurance activity or workout, generating about 0 XSS of overall strain.

This makes no sense to me; I might be tired, but training with 0 XSS?

That does seem strange. I think there are a few bugs/discrepancies creeping into the system.

Maybe if you are on the day of your event, the event itself will be the workout? You must’ve have set that date in the goals section, if you’re not now doing the event as planned, maybe change the date.

I agree. I have a goal event that is 3 months out and still find this confusing.

Ok, I set a dummy event now on 1st of July and the advices make sense now.
Thank you all!