Training advisor as at 11:59PM

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I have a few questions about this. It is confusing in my opinion.

When set to 11:59pm the training advisor takes your workout of the current day into account. It gives you a surplus or deficit. It then gives you training suggestion in XSS. Is that advice for if you want to do another session same day or for tomorrow? Will it show me this same training suggestion the next morning?

When you set time to 12:01am the you see your status at the start of the day and it gives you training advice for that day based on the days leading up to that day. For me this makes more sense only negative is that after your workout it does not show you what the impact of the workout is on that current day.

Which is better? What do you guys use and why?


Xata and planner caused many confusion (especialy when someone tried to understand it). Before this update, xata used midnight of current day and planner UAT, so they often showed different advises. I think it was reason, why xert team decided to use same time for adviser as for planner.
As I understand it(because still sometime doubting), when time is set up to 11:59pm and you do multiple workouts a day, that advise you get, belongs to current day and all done workouts that day are counted to surplus/deficit. You dont get same advise next day in the morning, because that advise is based of your 11:59pm freshness status.
When doing multiple workouts a day, setting up time to 12:01am would make adviser useless for another workouts that day, because it could not see and calculate with them.
And what is the best time? It depends. Mainly on usual time you do workout. If you usualy do workout late, you would not like to have time set to morning, becase it would not give you correct workouts - would be to easy as you might be still fatigue and vice versa. I used to have same time at planer and xata, because I did not want to get even more confused by 2 different advises, but this was luckily removed with last update

Remember that you’re always racking up deficit when you’re not training :wink:

At the end of the day, whatever you use is fine. If you set it early in the day, all the XSS deficit you accumulate during the day will be applied to your workout tomorrow morning. If you use the end of the day, obviously the XSS you accumulate during the day will be taken care of by today’s workout. You should be able to set it to either of those options and leave it. Personally, I leave it set to the default of 11:59pm.

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