Training advice?

My goal is to do many climbs in the Pyrenees (France - Tourmalet / Aubisque …) in 7/2023
I’m now in the base phase. As athlete type: climber // impovement rate: moderate -2.
Now, allready for a few weeks, the suggested training were allways short inntervals (30", 60" at 105 or 110% of my FT.)
I did these training (even a bit harder: each interval a few seconds more and at a higher wattage) as suggested.
I see now that my FTP is going down!
I ask myself: are those trainings good for me? Another athlete type? Or …
Please help …

this type of training is increasing your hie and thus also your 10 min power due to a lot of base training

Is it normal that the FTP is going down (slightly).?

Is your actual threshold going down (evidenced by breakthroughs, but resulting in lower threshold than in the past), or is your modeled threshold (with decay) going down? I expect it’s the latter, unless of course you are training less than in the past.

If you are not doing all-out breakthrough efforts and you have good data, you should set to ‘no decay’. All explained in the article below

My decay is ‘Optimal decay - default’. I keep it that way or I need to change it?
I do not often realize a breaktrough but I follow the suggested trainings.

Switch it to No Decay then if you are not going for breakthroughs

And if you do switch to no decay, I suggest following the instructions in the article closely, especially about locking your last BT… your TP should go up as a result