Training advice a little confusing

This is new, so it could be I’m not doing this right but here goes… Last night I was showing a XSS surplus of about 20. ATA says I’m tire and should do a endurance ride and shoot for 120 XSS surplus. OK, ride the smart song 2 at 147 XSS. Ended up showing a surplus of 127, but 5min later I’m back in a deficit of 20. What? Like the ride never happened, but it’s there. Another oddity I’m finding is the recommended workouts don’t match whats’ recommended lol. For example, my fitness is saying I’m very tired and should consider and recovery workout. But the actual workout it automatically picked is a GC Specialist. I should study the stuff more, but I just want to ride : )

There are three ways your Training Deficit can change as you describe:

  1. There is a planned workout in your planner that expires (i.e. its time passes and is removed, reducing your daily XSS).
  2. You change your Improvement Rate.
  3. You change your timezone and “Today” moves up one day.

If the engine recommends active recovery, you should take it easy, if not avoid training altogether. The recommended workouts list should show 4 optional active recovery rides. If not, let us know by showing a screenshot. It’s not entirely impossible for another workout to rank higher for a given circumstance you’re in but this should rarely happen. It may also be due showing a recommended list prior to processing on the server being completed. This should not happen but could depending on timing.

Ok, here’s one. Status is tired and recommending a endurance ride but it’s actually picking a GC Specialist focus ride.

That’s because there aren’t any 2.5 star endurance workouts that are around 52 XSS. If I were you I’d just do a 2 star endurance workout like “Where the streets have no name”.