Training adivisor and the goal. How does this match?

You can indicate a profile athlete type (pe gc specialist). How does the training advisor take into count that you are training for pe a havy climb tour or modarate tour?

Hi Luc,

Good question. Xert doesn’t necessarily know the exact specifics of the event that you’re training for. However, if you tell Xert that your athlete type (what you want to be) is a GC Specialist, the Xert Adaptive Training Program will lead you through training that will increase your training loads (Low, High, and Peak) in such a way that they align with the GC Specialist athlete type by the Target Event Date. If you’ve done the event that you’re training for in the past, take a peek at the FOCUS type of that event, and use that as your athlete type as you prepare for the event again.

In terms of preparing for a longer tour, this is where the total Training Load will come into play more. You want to have a sufficiently high training load that you can handle multiple days of big XSS without going into the red (if possible).

I.e. increase IR?

Not necessarily increase IR. But I think it’s important to understand that if you want to compete (or simply complete) a larger event/tour, its important to arrive at the starting date with a sufficiently large training load. That could include increasing the IR, starting your training sooner for the event, or both.

I asked, b/c I can’t see your TL increase if you don’t put more hours in, or significantly increase intensity. The latter is more destructive in the long term, so I would say more hours. Which is largely dictated by upping IR, or not?

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Correct. However, you can still get to a higher training load by either increasing the IR, or by keeping the same improvement rate over a longer period of time (i.e. start training for that event sooner) :slight_smile:

Guess it just depends how much time you have available (not all of us can hit a TL of 200 :wink: )

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I.e. more hours :joy:

But yeah, not on a weekly basis, just on a ‘more weeks’ basis :wink:

Come to think of it: if I put in more hours for a longer (than standard plan) period, but I cannot put in more hours per week, how do I get a higher TL, other than by increasing intensity? As TL is basically XSS over time…