TrainerRoad workout library in Xert

Has anyone created the TR workout library within Xert?

Not a good idea as it will dumb down the library although there has been a discussion about allowing users to import workouts into their Personal folder. However, that still means dumb downed %FTP blocks instead of advanced options available with Xert workouts which tie the intervals to your fitness signature.

It would also be against the trainerroad terms and conditions.



Yeah, it’s weird how many “other platform” workouts ended up on TrainerDay but I guess no one polices them. Plus there is an argument to be made that many are copies of each other.
All except Xert workouts that is.
A few SMART workouts list on TrainerDay but obviously they are dumb downed %FTP versions. Nothing smart about that. :wink:

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I had an interesting conversation with Alex (the guy who is Trainerday) and he said that he was actually working with Nate at TrainerRoad to try and remove or hide all of the TrainerRoad workouts on there. Obviously a big task!