Trainer Slope Mode

I’ve found trying to do workouts such as 30/30s really difficult in ERG mode, yet can do them in slope mode in other apps. I can’t find how to set up my trainer to run in slope mode in the Xert Android app though, I’ve found resistance in the settings, and there is a slope data option in the workout display but how would I go about using my trainer in this mode? I’m wanting do do a 30/30 session later today so thought I’d ask how others do these on a smart trainer with the Xert app. Thanks.

If you increase your cadence just before the 30s on interval this helps the trainer to stop going into the spiral of death.

You may use Wahoo Fitness App (free) to control the slope for your trainer (or resistance).

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You can do most any interval in erg mode but it requires timing. What you can’t do is wait until the resistance increases before starting to increase your cadence. Each trainer is a bit different but if you know when the resistance is coming, speed up your cadence to brace for the resistance. It’s actually a really great feeling to hit a high intensity interval with the right cadence, i.e. generating the most power with the least amount of fatigue.

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