Trainer gets crazy hard in Auto Mode

Hello everyone, I’ve been using Xert for over a year and I’ve been very satisfied so far, but around one month ago I started experiencing problems. I drive at home with an Elite Direto XR, the power info comes from a power meter in my pedal crank and I usually ride in Auto Mode on the Deer Android app.

When I start there’s usually a warming up ramp that starts at around 80-100 watts, what happens is that as I start training the resistance gets two or three times as high as the planned resistance, I can see how the app sets a target of let say 100w but the trainer applies so much resistance that my power meter reads 250w… So during the whole workout I have to start manually lowering the resistance. Sometimes if i turn auto mode off and back on it works fine for a couple minutes and then it starts again.

Is there anything I can do about it? I’m considering looking for another training app because I can’t really train like this, I end up having to stop the sessions because I’ve been riding much harder than the plan and I my legs are tired.

i am also using the same way as you to connect my elite suito, but i don’t have the problem you have encountered.

Android EBC App sensor setting,
power connect to assioma duo.
trainer control to suito.

Which workout(s) are you experiencing this issue with?

Some of our workouts are MIXED MODE, where you need to control the effort with your gears & cadence. For reference, check out our video that explains these mixed mode workouts here: Xert Mixed Mode Workouts - YouTube


It happens in every kind of workout, I also almost never do stuff in mixed mode. It happens during the same interval so I also can’t say it happens during any switch or anything of sorts

Which workout(s) are you doing? What is your cadence during the workout? Is it possible that you’re running into the ERG “spiral of death”?

You can try re-installing the app and see if that helps too. More details might be helpful - reach out to support with screenshots/videos using the app and someone can help you from there!

The forum doesn’t allow me to post media si I can’t share any Screenshots.

It just happens randomly, you can see that the app has a “Target Power” but the trainer just randomly gets so hard that the actual power output is much higher than the target, there should be no spiral of death in those situations (also the cadence stays pretty stable considering I go from 50% TP to 120%).

I have to go to the app and reduce the difficulty to like 70% so it goes down but then it starts changing and I have to adapt it constantly.

I’ll try reinstalling the app

Did anything change a month ago in your indoor trainer environment? Firmware update? Another training app installed? Something else?

Have you tried testing with EBC sensors connected to trainer only during a workout? (Power and Trainer Control)
Does that work fine?

Do you watch the Cadence Optimizer (CO) on the Session Player rainbow gauge while running a workout on EBC?
Cadence should rise accordingly when going from 50 to 120% TP.
The CO gauge will jump up 10 secs before a transition from low to high strain to indicate what cadence range you want to be in for the next interval. You can then rev up before the interval starts.

I post screenshots here all the time by saving locally on my device then uploading the image from the reply message toolbar.

If a reinstall does not help you can reach Xert support directly by contacting

I have the Elite Direto ( the version before XR). I’m new to xert and have noticed the resistance like how you described.

Whenever that has happened, I find that I’m in ERG mode so I’ll quickly switch to Auto Mode which addresses the issue for me. Good luck!