TP to high from unreliable source

Hi all, We are new to XERT and love the look of it, if only I could work out how to use it :wink:

Some background
I’ve purchased Xert for my son Jackson who is 16 and just breaking through to the elite ranks ‘just got his first ride for a domestic pro team’ and my limited coaching skills won’t help him get to that next level.

We use indoor training a lot as the weather here is atrocious in winter, summer is just around the corner thankfully… we have a wahoo kickr v5 with assioma duos , he also uses a wahoo element bolt on the bike.

First and most immediate issue is the TP number is way to high due to an unreliable reading in a zwift race about a month ago, the Direto XR that we had before purchasing the Kickr was very unreliable… That one event has added about 30w to his 330w ftp and although I’ve changed it in the profile settings, it keeps resetting back to 359w which I’m sure is going to make the workouts a little on the hard side???

Thanks for any help in advance… after we sort this issue, I’d like some advice on how to manage training with multiple events coming up in the following months ‘I can’t even work out how to manually add an event to the planner’


This could most likely be fixed by flagging that activity!

The Planner is for playing what-if-I-do-this-next-week scenarios rather than as a calendar for entering events. You could create a dummy activity in the past called “Event” (XSS and Duration = 1), mark it as a favorite, then drag and drop it onto future dates as event placeholders (edit description, etc to match).
Otherwise Xert is using current settings and predicting form to determine guidelines for workouts/rides on a day-to-day basis. No need to “populate a calendar” for that. :+1:

Simplest method to flag power spikes in historical records is –

  1. XO, Activities, Table
  2. Edit Columns, enable Max Power
  3. Sort by Max Power column
  4. Tick the entries you want to flag, then select the Flag button in upper right.

“Fitness signatures being updated.” will appear. That will take a while dependent upon amount of historical data on file. The flagged entries are excluded from signature calcs but do retain XSS for tracking training load, intensity, and focus. You can also manually adjust a signature by changing numbers on the most recent BT activity on file then save/lock which overrides the progression applied to that point, moving forward from there. Would suggest confirming high intensity workouts are “too hard” before deciding to do that. :wink:

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed –
FAQs – Support Home – Xert

THx, I ended up deleting the event from Strava and resynching, seems to have worked

Oh I just read your post after deleting the activities, I wish I hadn’t now… Thanks for the info, I can get those activities back if needed

Oh and yes the first workout was far too hard, failing within 20mins