TP Spike

My fitness signature was generated in Nov 2020 when I started using Xert. 95% of my training to date has been done indoors on Xert and I have been feeling stronger as a result. I decided to jump on zwift last week and try a 20 min effort, I threw down a PB along with a Breakthrough and it caused my Xert TP to shoot up by 45 watts. Although I am happy to have a nice new fitness signature, I am wondering if its a good idea to be training according to my new numbers seeing as the progress I have had was a result of training at a lower TP.

Nice work! I’d stick with it and see how workouts feel this week.
It may take a few days to get used to the new numbers and confirm “yup, everything feels good. I guess I did move up the ladder!” :smiley:
For me I can tell with the corresponding LTP change. Or on punchy workouts with the new TP.
Keep in mind you can boost TP riding nothing more than low intensity rides over a number of weeks.
When you say “signature generated in Nov 2020” does that mean you haven’t been trying to put in BT efforts until now and this was the first major change?

Thanks @ridgerider2

Yeah I think I will take you up on that and stick with it for as long as it feels manageable.

I have had some BTs but only peak power wise, and they did not cause my TP to increase, either way I am pretty happy with where I am at.

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Xert will display a little notification when your signature is ‘Stale’ and so you may want to consider another hard effort like that about every 4-6 weeks to keep the workouts at the appropriate intensities!

Congrats on the BT!

Thanks @ManofSteele I will keep my eye out for the “stale” notification

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