TP Question


I’ve gone back and recalculated my signature. From there, I went back and extracted on the days that I was pretty confident I had max efforts. What I’m left with is a TP that still seems out of reach (whether 20 mmp or 60 mmp as determined by Xert). Having said that, in my case Xert says my 60 mmp would be 324w. IF I was in a hypothetical situation where I could work against a 2 or 3% gradient, super motivated, and on some kind of outdoor erg bike that would keep me locked on that wattage (no spikes to wear me down), then MAYBE that would be possible. Should TP be an ‘if the stars are aligned just right’ number?

4 to 6 mmp I can push more reliably and so I’m worried Xert is seeing that and skewing my longer duration numbers.

If you can push your 4 and 6 minute MMP more reliably (and Xert successfully predicts the point-of-failure), then most likely your PD relationship determined by Xert is correct. For workouts and for determining MPA mid ride, things should be good. This is most important in assessing if your signature including TP is correct. Secondly, yes, your TP would be quite difficult to sustain for an hour and in particular, if pacing is variable or positive split pacing is employed, it will be very uncomfortable (estimated with Xert’s Difficulty). If you actually pace it conservatively and you go into it rested and prepared with some feeding during the hour, it should be much more likely attainable without requiring the “stars to align”. HTH