TP, LTP, and LTL (and HIE)...comparing fitness signatures at the same TP

As the season wanes, I’m trying to do an assessment of and comparison to this point last year. Started using Xert this spring so less than a year of total use but ~2 seasons worth of power data. I’m finishing this season with the same TP as this point last season but with ~3kj higher HIE. I know its been said that HIE and LTP are inversely correlated, but my LTL is higher now than at this point last season but my LTP is 10w lower.

Less long rides(at lower power) and more intensity this year as I had less time/week so it makes sense the shift, but the TL doesn’t quite fit. My LTL did peak higher last year and was on the decline by this point and its still on the upward swing this year as I continued to train for CX. On a broader picture assessment, should I have pushed or pulled my TP more this year and going into next year based on my current signature. I’m near the top of the range for HIE 28-29 for ~252wTP(~1200wPP)

Hello Hai,

It depends on the demands of your training. For CX racing, LTP is not as important as HIE. In fact, it’s not necessarily the TP or HIE by themselves that matter, but how they work in unison at your event focus that will matter the most.

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thanks for the response scott. My question I guess is was this just due to an artifact of the algorithm or a real difference in my training.

When was your last breakthough?

last week, and I avg a breakthrough about every other week with the standard decay so I’m pretty sure my signature is dialed now. I wasn’t using xert last fall so wasn’t actively trying to get breakthroughs during riding/training although there are many in the timeframe as well