TP is way too high - what am I doing wrong?

Hey folks - I’m back to Xert after letting it lapse for a few years, and I’m pretty confused by the numbers I’m seeing. I loaded up all of my 2023 rides, and based on all of my other apps (Zwift, TP, Intervals) I expected an FTP around ~360w. But Xert has me at 423w threshold (my 20m best this year is 381) and 525w fixe minute power (best this year is 442). Are there settings I need to adjust to get a more reasonable signature? Thanks!

Hi Stephen,

Look through your activities - see where the jump up in threshold occurs. I suspect you have an activity with invalid data that’s skewing your signature up. Reach out to support if you need any assistance with that. Cheers!


Thanks Scott - I think I figured it out, the issue seemed to be slightly different, posting here in case others see the same issue in the future.

When I loaded my backhistory, I only loaded my 2023 workouts, so Xert saw me starting at 0 training load, but then my daily XSS is 100+, so the ramp rate calculated was HUGE and Xert noted that I was in a massive training deficit. So a January event I had looked like great numbers despite being about as deep in the “overtrained” zone as possible, and it looks like Xert adjusted them basically saying “if you can do this when you’re that tired, you can do way more fresh.”

To fix it - I loaded my full 2022 backhistory as well, and now the numbers look way more in line with what I expect (posted below).

Thanks again for the help!