TP falling fast

Over the last three weeks I have done 5 strenuous outside rides, Xert indoor worouts and had one Xert BT - and yet my TP continues to fall?

Hi James! What has your XPMC/progression looked like over that time?

In general, you should see your signature parameters (TP included) track with your training load… when you’re training more than you have been, you can expect your threshold increase. If you’re training the same (or less) than you have been, you can expect your threshold to roughly stay the same (or decrease).

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I just checked my progression chart and Xert is not ‘seeing’ my rides, just my workouts - so, I guess that is the reason.

My ‘activity’ sees them, pulled in from Strava, and I use a Garmin head unit (cadence, HR) but no power meter.

Before I started riding outside again this Spring it was ‘flat, to rising’ per the Slow setting but since I have done the 5 outside ones it has begun to fall.

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Hi James,

Do you record your HR on your outdoor rides? If so, you can enable HR Derived Metrics (HRDM) and Xert will automatically assign Focus & XSS data so they contribute towards your total training load!

Ha! Brilliant!! … and now it’s fixed :slight_smile: Thank you

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