TP dropped 40W?

Why has my TP and 5m power both dropped 40W from one day to the other? Ok I was feeling tired today but what is this?
I haven’t made any other changes to anything.
My “magic settings” are No Decay (as this is base training).
Any clue? Thanks

Same with me. PP 1044 to 988, HIE 23 to 35.5 and TP 251 to 230. Nothing wrong with the workout which preceded it. I’m just about to email support

Well, I had a ride from yesterday in my activities which was recorded with power but not speed.
I removed it and all went back to normal.
That’s still puzzling because any indoor activity would not have speed anyway.

It happens to me. I manually override the values (PP, HIE,TP) to what it was before my ride and everything went back to normal.
Changes were made in the activity page directly.

This offers no explanation on why TP dropped, but concerning your remark about indoor rides not having distance or speed anyway, that’s not true.

Yes, you are definitely not really/physically moving, in the sense that you pretty much remain in the same spot, but you are still covering a virtual distance and thus (average) speed can be calculated.

Depending on your trainer, this can be calculated automatically for the duration of your training, either by counting the number of wheel rotations, or by projecting it on a virtual (GPS) track.

However, there are trainers that do not record either.

You are right @Cyclopaat. I guess what I was aiming at is whether speed is involved in tracking fitness signature. It isn’t (I guess) and so why would removing a ride with no speed bring the fitness signature back to where it’s supposed to be?
The mystery remains!

I suspect the problem is coming from their recent update.
I don’t know why, but it seems like this particular problematic ride assumed an all out effort (and it was not).

This (significant drop) has happened to me too - about 20% relative to yesterday’s activity.
Account reset did not help.

The same thing happened to me today. TP suddenly went from 340w to 311w for no reason.

I did two rides today: a short warm-up followed by a Zwift race. Both activities show up on my dashboard and on the planner. However, only the warm-up shows up in the progression chart; the race is missing. I’m guessing the drop in TP is somehow connected to this.

That I can agree with :sunglasses: Like I said, I have no answer for that. In the end, it may well be b/c of the update the platform had. If you still have the record, you could upload it again and see what happens. If that results in a drop again, you should get an answer from Support.

Ditto me too. I did a ride outside without a power meter - so XSS was calculated. I’m going to contact support to see if there is any given reason. Again, I suspect it’s an issue with the update.

Earlier in the week, I uploaded a lot of non-power meter data going back to the beginning of 2019. Yesterday, I rebuild my profile using optimal decay, locked a breakthrough I did at the beginning of my base phase and changed decay to none.

I’ve just set the progression graph to show the last 12 months and now TP looks all over the place. It’s like an odd decay method has been applied over the whole data.

Ditto to me as well. Inexplicable 10 watt drop in TP just after a silver breakthrough workout on Tuesday, 28th. That workout is not showing on my progression chart. Something is amiss!

Just happened to me also. My last two rides were with no power meter and I have the setting for No Decay (in base phase) and also to use heart rate data for estimation. After the last ride my FTP was at one level. Today I did a ride indoors on my trainer but my phone is having issues, so I used the ConnectIQ Xert app on my Edge 530. I have a speed sensor so it should have all, heart rate, speed, power from a separate power meter (not from the trainer as I was using power match). My FTP dropped 30W.

Is it a good idea for all to contact support? Or maybe if a few already have and they can make a public announcement of whatever fix they do?

In any case, just e-mailed support.

They are busy working on a fix at the moment so the team are aware of it

Just checked and mine is back to normal. Just keep checking periodically and I’m sure they’ll have got everyone’s back to normal shortly


Yeah, my fitness signature seems to be back at where it was now. :slight_smile:


Sorry about the inadvertent changes to your fitness signature. We managed to identify and repair the issue. Kindly review your activities and current fitness signature and let know if you continue to see any issues.

Thanks for your understanding.

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