TP decreasing after near breakthrough

I was using xert while on the free trial and my last uploaded activity was tuesday (May 23).
Earlier today I subbed to premium xert and uploaded my 3 activities from today, however my TP dropped considerably after my first activity (1st was me going to training, 2nd was the training itself and 3rd was me coming back home).
Is there an error or am I not fully understanding how TP calculation should work?

From Tuesday to my 1st activity today my TP dropped roughly 4W. Seems right.
From my 1st activity today to my 2nd (which has a near breakthrough stamp on it), it dropped roughly 6W (???).
And finally, from my 2nd to my 3rd activity today, my TP was increased in roughly 3W, which seem right once again.

Can someone please help me?

A Near BT will decrease numbers so you can more easily prove otherwise on your next BT.
TP rise and fall is based on TL changes, decay setting, and evidence of improvement (BTs).
While the daily calculation of TP gives you an exact number, consider it an approximate range +/- 1-2%. What’s more important than daily fluctuations is the trend line as shown in the XPMC chart.

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Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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