TP decay

I have just bought a crank based power meter. Previously I was using Dave Brillharts app which worked really well except it was using a calibration from my cheap turbo trainer that was reading at least 10% too high. Do I leave the decay to Optimal decay and let my fitness signature slowly reduce down to what it actually is or do I manually change TP myself and change to no decay as I am in extended base? Thoughts?

I’d let it adjust automatically. Just manually lowering TP, without the corresponding numbers, isn’t very useful, imho.

That said, depending on the size of the overestimation, you may have a problem completing XATA workouts. For that, I would adjust TP to a lower number for any particular workout, before starting them. You can do that in the workout designer.

Also, aim for a BT as soon as you feel up to it.

Bingo. You could manually lower TP/HIE/PP by about 10%, which should make hitting a BT (relatively) easier

Thanks both, sort of what I thought as currently in base with no events now until next year so there is no real urgency to get it right. I’ve changed to optimal decay and wait for my signature to drop to the extent that I start to get break throughs.

Now I’ve discovered I’ve killed my cheap smart trainer (Tacx Vortex Smart) so will endeavour to get something a bit more accurate