TP and FTP

My garmin tells me that I rode best 20mins yesterday at 256watts. So, 95% 0f 256 = about 244watts. Xert fitness signature tells me that my TP is 256!? Can someone clarify what is what with the FTP/TP assessments. I understand the rule of thumb idea about FTP…highest power you can hold for around an hour! I know that there is no way on earth that I could hold 256 let alone 244 for a whole hour. Help.

Read our glossary on power curve to understand what you can do as average power is different than what you may be capable of.

Here’s what your real TP would take:

“Throughout this hour, the longest of my career, I never knew a moment of weakness, but the effort needed was never easy. It’s not possible to compare the Hour with a time trial on the road. Here it’s not possible to ease up, to change gears or the rhythm. The Hour record demands a total effort, permanent and intense, one that’s not possible to compare to any other. I will never try it again.”

Eddy Merckx

… and looking at your last ride you managed an outstanding effort for 1.5 hours that’s pretty close to your TP with long periods of easy pedaling. I’d be inclined to think TP is underestimated if anything. Great stuff.