Top 10 Ways You Know You're an Xerter - UPDATED!

  1. You’ve developed a nervous tick from having to wait for the little yellow dot to go green on your Garmin screen

  2. Focus Duration is something you totally get but have no idea of how to explain it

  3. Make a habit of randomly sprinting for breakthroughs during group rides

  4. If your power meter battery dies, you stop riding and seriously consider calling an Uber.

  5. Wonder what a rider’s MPA is while watching a pro race

  6. Feel excited with anticipation when you see a Breakthrough Report on your Strava activity

  7. Fakethroughs cause minor depression

  8. Ronnestad’s make you giddy and scared at the same time

  9. Laugh mockingly when someone says they did an FTP test

  10. Call in sick for work when your status says “Very tired”

  1. You keep checking your Garmin watch/1030 for an XATA widget :grinning: