Too high LTP?

I have been riding for the last 3 months running a Polarized program…mostly endurance at ~180-190 watts for 10-12 hrs / week… and just very little VO2 sprinkled in.

During this time, Xert estimated my Threshold at 265 steadily at LTP crept up gradually from 190 to 200.

I realize my Threshold on Xert didn’t go up because I didn’t feed it data…but I knew it was going up on me.

I did a threshold test the other day…I did it by feel. Xert did an amazing job…the MPA graph was like 100% correlation to how I felt that day. Was blown away when I looked at the ride that night how much Xert nailed it.

Anyway, it raised my Threshold power to 290 (which seems / feels pretty accurate to me) but my LTP shot up to 230.

I haven’t tried to ride at this power much because I’ve been going lower…but 230 doesn’t seem like an all-day pace for me. So I’m wondering how to interpret this / best use this metric that Xert put out. Should I start creeping my steady endurance rides up to 220-230 watts? Or is it possible it was an overestimate? (My endurance rides average 2-3 hours).

Want to make sure i’m not under training…I relied heavily on the LTP number so it jumping 30 watts seems like either a lot - or I’m wasting a lot of time.

Love your software. Thank you for any input.

Edit: I was interpreting LTP as my all-day power? I’m reading now that my interpretation was incorrect.

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When is the last time you did a sprint workout or an all-out sprint to failure with MPA drawdown to test PP?

Is your HIE within bell curve range on this chart?

About 6 days ago i did a 10 second sprint to failure that drew MPA down for a breakthrough.

4 days ago i did a 5 min and 13 min effort that both drew MPA down for two breakthroughs…that is what brought the spike in Threshold power and LTP. Previous to this my last breakthrough was a few months ago…i had been riding mostly endurance and packing on the hours.

My HIE is in the bell curve on that chart. PP 1072 HIE 24

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As you’ve noted as well, I find riding at LTP certainly isn’t my easy/all day pace. For me, LTP works out to ~80% of Threshold, which is mid-Tempo (if you’re using old zones). During easy/endurance free-rides, I find myself hovering around ~85% of LTP (or ~70% of TP).

ok I was using that number incorrectly then. it happened to be a coincidence that it was “correct” because I hadn’t fed Xert higher intensity data to properly raise my TP and LTP.

binge reading and re-watching the videos this week.

my mistake.