Too high FTP and HIE after downloading old workout although deleted old workout

Hey guys, I have the last three months in my Xertprofile (from Garmin). Just4fun, I uploaded an old really tough workout from April 2020 to see if it would get a “Hard” assessment (which it did). My FTP and HIE directly increased by 25w/11kj (only on Xert unfortunately) - and of course, Xert adapted the Smart session to “No can do”. I erased the old workout from Xert, however, Xert did not go back to the original FTP/HIE estimation. How do I make Xert recalculate or can I manually enter FTP/HIE?

There is a Recalculate Progression button in the Profile tab of your account settings page, pretty much the last thing in your settings. It unlocks all locked activities and calculates from scratch.

Where we come to the second question: If you are sure something is wrong with your signature and know how to fix it you can open the advanced MPA tab on the activity you want to change and for example set a PP value to 1s Power if Xert didn’t catch it because it was regarded as an erroneous data spike but you are sure it is correct. Or if you can’t or don’t want to sprint and the PP value has decayed too much or whatever. If you hit ‘save’ there the activity gets locked and Xert won’t change it and use those values as the basis going forward.

Usually you should let Xert decide or ask support to have a look if something feels wrong. It’s what the system is build to do and the key to everything else. Finding your fitness signature and adjusting your workouts to exactly your capabilities. But it is not perfect, so sometimes it needs help.


The best way to manually manage your signature is to update the activity with the incorrect signature and use the Save/Lock function under Actiivty Details/Advanced tab to correct it. It will then propagate that change based on your Signature Decay Method forward.

Adding very old activities and deleting them should result in the same final signature unless there have been other changes like changing the signature decay method, time constants or the starting training load.

Recalculating your progression is only recommended when you wish to undo all your changes and start over again. Read the instructions carefully.

Should adding very old activities but not deleting them not also result in the same final signature? Or do I need to go back and delete those old activities?

Just seems odd that a ride from 5 years ago would affect my signature today.