Too heavy?

When I follow the suggestions of Xert: almost all proposed workouts are intervaltrainings. In literature in general I read that an intervaltraining once a week = more than enough. How does Xert justify this approach?

Most workouts have intervals of some sort - short,sharp or 3 * 20 minutes sweetspot.
HIIT / VO2 max intervals are probably not advisable more than once or twice a week for most people but interval training in itself is not bad. It all depends on the intensity.

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What papers are saying that intervals once a week is more than enough? What sort of intervals do they say are needed so infrequently and for what goal is that frequency suggested?

My thoughts exactly. The ‘structured’ nature of (all) workouts is what makes them contain intervals. But these are in no way always high intensity or otherwise ill-advised to be doing frequently. On the contrary…