Today's random Xert-ion workout - running Ronnestads

I took advantage of some cool weather this morning to do a track workout, having programmed the 3x (13x :30 on + :15 off) Ronnestad (shots!) workout to my watch.

Warm-up was done as a separate activity, and I accidentally cut the cool-down short (forgot which buttons did what in a state of workout-induced stupidity).

Overall, it’s certainly a lot of work, but also oddly fun. This is my second time attempting this (ran out of time after set #2 previously, but didn’t think I could have finished more than a few of the next set anyway) and I think I’d rather do these again than a more standard VO2 max workout with the usual 3-5 minute intervals with equal rest. Just not every week…

Interestingly, my TP from Xert after this (326 or 327, it’s different when looking at the activity itself vs the dashboard) is very nearly the same as the auto-CP from Stryd (328).

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