"Today's deficit"?

How is “Today’s deficit” calculated? I read the help page, but it’s pretty vague:
“By adding up the training you have done over the past week, the XATA calculates how much below (a deficit) or above (a surplus) you are as of midnight on the current day compared to your weekly Improvement Rate goal.”

I have an average daily XSS of about 24, but today’s Monday and I already have a deficit of 107 XSS? I did a MTB ride on Saturday with 120 XSS.
It makes no sense to me? Seems like on Monday I should have a deficit of 24, if I don’t train that should go up by 24 per day, if I do train the amount I train should reduce the deficit?

Hi John,

XATA uses a 7 day rolling average, not a Sunday to Saturday approach. Thus you’ll very likely always be in a training “deficit” each day. The amount that the deficit increases/decreases based not only on what you do each day, but what you did 7 days ago.

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Ah, ok, thanks - maybe the wording could be clarified on the help page - “last 7 days” vs “past week” would likely be clearer for future readers.
So if I performed 123 XSS on Saturday and it’s Tuesday now, given I have ~24 XSS per day average (target), I don’t get the maths to give a 107 XSS decifict today.
7 * 24 = 161 XSS/week.
161 - 123 = 38 XSS
Even if you added an extra 24 for today (so 8 days) that’s not 107 ?

I did a 66 XSS ride tonight (after my earlier post) and it’s now showing a deficit of 37 XSS, but 107 - 66 != 37

It depends on how your XSS is distributed over the course of the week (over the past 7 days, remember), its not a straight XSS/day average over 7 days. XATA identifies what days you tend to train (duration and XSS) to determine the surplus/deficit each day. The training advisor tab on the Xert main page shows what the surplus/deficit will be at the end of the day.

We encourage athletes not to get caught up in the exact details of XSS surplus/deficit, but rather aim to keep the needle approximately centered - i.e. dont lose the forest in the trees :slight_smile:

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