"Today's advice" - difficulty vs XSS

Hi Armando. I’m trying to reconcile what the training advisor tells me today. It tells me that I need an endurance workout with 108XSS, yet the difficulty is one star. Most one-star workouts seem to have a target XSS of below 70 points. How would I interpret today’s recommendation? FWIW, I also did a weight training session (not all lower body, but some of it) yesterday before my Xert intervals. Obviously, the system has no insight about that, so perhaps, it’s better to be on the conservative side for today with respect to XSS?

Yes. You are correct. There isn’t much of a selection of 1 star workouts with higher XSS. We’ll need to consider adding in a few more. You could choose to do something more difficult with higher XSS or do 2 easier workouts if you wish to load up more XSS. Note that for Endurance workouts, it’s not often a requirement to follow a strict workout structure since there shouldn’t be a lot of intensity. You could just ride indoors/outdoors at a relatively easy pace to accumulate your training strain.