Tired status despite resting

I have lots of data in the system.

My goals:

  • Freshness Feedback: 0
  • Program Type: Continous
  • Athlete Type: Breakaway Specialist
  • Improvement Rate: Slow


  • 308 W TP
  • 28.1 kJ HIE
  • 1,290 W PP
  • 398 W 5MP
  • 238 W LTP

My issue is that my training status always stays at “Tired” and my training deficit builds up if too quick and my stats decrease I rest my way back to Fresh status.

Any tips on how to balance this out?

Looks like you began at 1 star in early August and reached 2 stars recently.
Post the 90-day chart again with Recovery Load line disabled.
When you look at the Planner how many days from now do stars turn blue?
On days with more than one activity, what kind of activities were they?

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Not sure if you’re aware but ‘tired’ / yellow status does not mean that you shouldn’t train, and does not imply outright rest is needed. It is not driven by overall form, only high intensity form. It just means your high intensity ‘systems’ (for want of a better word) need time to recover I.e. avoid high intensity/ above threshold efforts while yellow. ‘Tired’ is actually the wrong term in my view.

That means you can and should continue riding low intensity, so there is no need for your signature to drop

Looks like a lot of BT’s n the last few months, which indicates a lot of HIIT training! Not a bad thing, but you likely need some more easy/recovery rides between these hard efforts.

For your endurance days, be sure to keep your effort below TP (or better yet, below LTP) if you’re free-riding. If you prefer to do structured endurance workouts, try selecting Xert endurance focus workouts with a max difficulty of 2.0-2.5 diamonds.