Timer Auto-Stop on Garmin

I would like to turn the Time Auto-Stop On on my Garmin 1040

It’s mostly just a mental thing. 90% of my rides are on the road. I try to pick routes with minimal stops but in an hour I could be anywhere from 2 to 7 minutes at red lights - depending on how I hit them.

I like to look at my overall speed and time (especially on one specific route I take to work) and beat it. I know speed is so variable with wind and what I’m wearing, etc etc…but I have a route to work that’s 30km and I just get a kick out of getting a good time (speed).

and tbh when the timer is running, I can see a little bit of yellow in red lights (if you know what I mean). when the timer stops I feel like I just ride safer.

I completely get the MPA calculations will factor in time at red lights etc.

how much will I mess things up turning on the auto-stop on the timer?


Auto-pause is the first thing I disable on a Garmin unit. :smiley:
You can view Avg Speed and Avg Moving Speed on Garmin Connect when you view the activity and select Stats.


ah nice

i’ve never dug around Garmin Connect.

would rather have everything in one spot - but I guess that will never happen.