Time to recover CIQ data field

Hi not sure I understand this. If I put a target setting of say 180 watts in the app does that mean the time given by the app will be over or understated if I then ride with power lower or greater than the 180 eg say 150 and 220?

Your TTR is greater the higher the wattage, that is, if it is set at 180W and you are at 200W, the timer will count down slower.

so if the time to recover your MPA adjusts to take account of your actual power in what way will the real time reading differ if the base figure is set to -0w or 100w or 180w?

TTR will show longer durations with higher rest power values, so TTR @180W will be longer than TTR @0W. How fast you actually recover depends on what you actually rest at. :slight_smile:

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got it thanks Armando!