Time to Exhaustion - settings problem

The app is ignoring the TTE and TTR wattage settings since the update. The TTE appears stuck at 600w and the TTR set to 0w. Have tried removing and reinstalling the app etc. (The target MPA exhaustion and recovery settings work correctly if set?). Using Edge 520.

Happening to me too. New versions of the data fields were released yesterday (9/26) and are causing problems.

don’t think its Garmin install issues in this case more like an added app bug?

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Nope - definitely some interplay between Garmin Connect, the new Connect IQ platform and the update process.

Do this:

  1. On the 520, substitute some other standard field (like time of day) for the TTE data field.
  2. Using Garmin Connect, delete the TTE data field entirely from the device.
  3. Do not Sync.
  4. Eject the 520 from USB (using USB eject command in Windows or Mac).
  5. Unplug and power down the 520.
  6. Shut down Garmin Connect.
  7. Plug the 520 back in.
  8. Reinstall the TTE data field. Set the values you want using Garmin Connect.
  9. Do steps 3-5 again.
  10. Start up Edge 520, go to Activity Profiles, and substitute the TTE field for the substitute field you used in Step 1.
    10 Shut down Edge 520.
  11. Start up Edge 520 and go to Activity Data Screen with TTE field to see that your custom values are showing.

Agreed, it’s a PITA. Garmin’s quality control is out of control.

That’s pretty much what I did. Didn’t work - did it fix that exact problem for you Fred?

Worked for me…

Different fix worked for me:
Plug in 520 to PC USB
Go to apps folder
Delete TTE/TTR PRG file (for me 20k 5BC236CD.prg - keep a copy in case)
Unplug and reinstall using connect mobile
All works again so a Garmin update issue!

Updated file came through as 203AB.prg 20k for me

Good to hear. I just hope that updating Xert fitness code doesn’t cause a problem! Right now, it’s still 90+ degrees here in Florida so I’m on the indoor trainer and using the Workout Player so it’s not an issue (for now!).

The new problem was Garmin Express on Mac showed NO Xert data fields installed. They did show up in Garmin Connect Mobile. I fixed this by removing the Edge device in Garmin Express and then reinstalling the device. There’s a log file on the device that showed it was throwing all sorts of errors (NULL pointers, off by one array errors, etc.). This seemed to stabilize things. Garmin has really created a mess…