Time to exhaustion - altitude adjustment?

Next ‘A’ race has the last 3 of hours of riding between 2000m to 3300m altitude. Is time to exhaustion for a specified power derated with increasing altitude? PS just started using Xert, am enjoying it.

Hi Hish,

We know that altitude is going to affect your TP, but haven’t yet started incorporating that into the calculations for MPA/TTE (yet). Its something that we may investigate in the future, but we have other projects to work on in the meantime. Cheers!

The same goes wth heat also. When it’s very warm the energy available is depleated i.e. the pulse goes up due to body needs to pump more blood to cool the body. I.e is the pulse/heart rate included in the calculation of MPA/TTE?

Not yet, all of Xert’s calculations are done looking only at power data. Exercising in the heat is “harder” because of the increased internal work (i.e. decreased efficiency) of the human body in order to increase cardiac output and divert blood from your core to the extremities to maintain a stable core temp. It’s something that would most likely require extensive testing with how GE changes with respect to changes in cardiac output and bloodflow distribution.

Yes, I guess it goes for when training indoors on the trainer, since it’s hard to get proper cooling.