Time of sessions changed?

For some reason the 13:00 All Rounder sessions are all now showing as 12:00.

Next week is on daylight savings time.


The clocks in the uk don’t change until 27th March.

12:00 is actually a better time for me anyway.


Are these any good George. I want to start using Xert workouts a bit more as I am dropping TrainerRoad when my subscription expires. Good but unneeded now

Hi John,

I’ve only done one so far and it was enjoyable apart from the video which was obviously filmed from a car.

There were a number of people signed up to do it but only myself and 1 other turned up. I’ve tried 2 other times but no-one else turned up even though there were quite a few signed up. It’s certainly a great idea and the one I did complete was quite good fun.

The only real downside apart from people not turning up was that, as i said, it was pretty obvious that the video playing was filmed from a car as there was no side to side sway at all, as you get with FulGaz, which adds to the immersive feeling. The ideal scenario would be if you could play a fulgaz video instead of a bike the world video.

I really like using the xert ebc app with the xata selected xert workouts. I’m a big fan of their training principles having used FTP based training for a number of years.