Time limit expired Xert Code requied

My data field on Garmin give this error “Time limit expired Xert Code requied” on What’s my FTP. I have been using it for more than a year, and my friend got the same error nearly at the same time?

I can not set any code on What’s my FTP setting

Upgrade to the latest version

I have the same Problem. Latest Version on IQ Appstore is from May 13th 2019, Version: 3.3. Already have this one installed and the Problem is still there with this version! Or did you mean upgrading Garmin to the latest firmware? I am on Edge 830, latest stable Firmware 3.50. Beta 3.57 available but not testet…

I have the exact same error code. I have a fully updated Edge 530 and have upgraded the XERT apps. The problem is still occurring

… same here Armando just started since the latest upgrade.

Update is now available via Garmin Connect. Cheers


Fingers crossed…