Threshold power seems to be too high

Hi. New to Xert. Imported about half a year history from Strava. Have done a few of workouts from Xert (by importing to Zwift), but continue “Build me up” plan on Zwift. I only have a few weeks left, and want to completed it before fully switching to Xert workouts. The workouts I have done lately in Zwift (including imported from Xert) were all based on 249 FTP. I find most of them hard to the point that I have to lower workout intensity in the middle to complete. Afterwards Xert rates these workouts as “moderate” and keeps increasing my TP. It’s 263 now and I know that if I base my workouts on this number, I have no chance of completing them. What am I missing?
Thank you!
PS. Looking at it again - it’s not increasing my TP, it looks like it recalculated it across all workouts when I imported more historic data. In any case, it is still too high…
PPS I tried to recalculate progression, and now it bumped up my TP to 285! I could only wish…

TP isn’t FTP. If you check your power curve for your 1hr power that’s your FTP. Alternatively switch your goal athlete profile to time trial and your 1hr power will show at the top of your training page.

Hi Simon,

Mind if I take a look at the data in your account? I can make sure that there aren’t any errors skewing your fitness signature.


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Sure, please take a look. I found one ride with bad power data that I flagged, but it was a while ago and didn’t seem to change much.
Thank you!

George, I use FTP as a reference for workout power targets, that’s all. You can call it WCRI - “workout cross-reference index” instead of FTP if it makes you feel better. In any case, my 1 hour power is different from TP by 0.1W