Threshold power decline on progression chart

Why does my threshold power (yellow dotted line) show that it is declining from a unreasonably high number (ie 300s) over the past year to date to my current threshold power (231) which is my accurate threshold power?

Hi Jacob. Threshold Power is dynamic - it changes in response to your training. Your Threshold Power now is what you mentioned as 231W.

Thank yiu Scott, but why does it show a really high number in the 300s then decline to a accurate number of 231 instead of increase from 190 to 231 like it has over the past year? I have never had a ftp in 300s since I’m 5’5" and only weigh 123lbs.

Hang tight. I’ll take a look at your data…there could be an error in the progression.

Okay, take a look at it now and let me know what you think. Cheers!

Scott thank you! Looks way more accurate now. What caused it to do that?

Looks like there was an activity with faulty power meter readings. If that ever happens, just flag the activity.

Thank you so much for your help and quick response! I’m glad I found Xert! It is amazing software and has really helped me understand and analyze my training better than others I have used. Great job and 5 statrs!

Great! Glad you like it, and don’t forget to share Xert with your riding buddies :slight_smile: Cheers!

Scott I logged onto Xert this morning and noticed when looking at my threshold power that the line on the graph has reverted back to the way it was showing the decrease that I asked you about a few days ago.

Yeah, the activity on Thu, Mar 15, 2018 seemed to ‘unflag’ itself it appears. I’ve flagged it again, which has fixed your progression. If it happens again, go to your activity on that day (with the huge breathrough) and either flag it, or simply delete it - deleting it wont have any impact on your current data since that activity was so far back. Cheers

Thank you!

Hey Scott, I am sorry to keep bothering you with this but my Threshold power line appears to have had the same issue as above. And I and getting duplicates of all of my uploaded rides when I finish.

Hi Jacob, no worries. Let’s get the tech support team involved with the TP line issue - kindly send an email to and someone will be able to help you there - you may have stumbled across a bug. Try to include any details of when/how it happens (after a uploaded workout, certain day of the week maybe, etc.). Also, if you’re getting duplicate activities, please double-check your timezone settings (another option would be to disable either Garmin or Strava sync). Cheers