Threshold power calculated from Garmin connect

Hi! when I connect to Garmin connect and upload cycling and running activties I get a calculated Threshold power of 270 W. which is way too high for me, but if I only link to my cycling activities I get 180 W which is about right based on ebengs that I have done. My question is, why did it use my running activities ( I know, I linked them, but…) and why did it calculate such high threshold power. Did it use my running power ( from Garmin embeded running pwer, which is not real watts!!
if i link my strength training activities, the thresholf power is even higher,
how to integrate cycilng with the other acrivities.!!!I get my rest time ( with a grain of salt, but actually not tooo nad) from my Garmin 935 embeded Firstbeat recovery featute.

events…not ebengs

Hi Fern.

You should only sync your cycling activities with power data otherwise if you have other activities with power, they may skew your results. You should choose which activities to sync when you setup Garmin Connect (disconnect and reconnect to change these) and also remove any activities that have caused errors. At the moment, other activities can be accounted for by using the Fitness Planner. See our documentation on how to add activities where you didn’t have a power meter. You’ll need to add these in, even if you have them with power data if the power data is messing up your calculations.

Thanks! i will only include cycling with power as I sometimes do have cycling without power ( spinning at gym , which I attach to Garmin connect to calculate my total workload and rest time)…as another issue, I noticed that one of my runs ( actualy , today) of 8.1 miles, Xert did not upload the correct calories burned which was 716 rather thsn the value Xert included of 1275 ( I wish but its not true, I would be losing a lot of weight!) . The elevation gain is also incorrect. it should have been 541 feet and used 432, instead. it is irrelevant in my case, but just in case… it appears that Xert tries to calculate those variables, when they have already been cslculated by Garmin 935. Thanks

Hi Fern. Calories are calculated using work performed on the bike (from the power data) on Xert rather than but some other method which only estimates calories. Double check the math and conversion from work to calories. Ours should be correct. Garmin likely does elevation correction using a third party service. We simply use that data coming from the Garmin itself. Thanks for your questions!

Hi! I need some help! when I first had linked to Garmin connect ( cycling and running), all,these activities appeared on the calender ( fitness planner) . Once you told me to only load the cycling activities, I reset my account to delete what was there and started new again ( linking) to only include cycling. The problem is that now, nothing shows up on the fitnesss planner. it still calculates power duration curve but I dont know if its correct because theres no way of knowing if the data is in Xert. Thanks

You may want to try and deauthorize the Garmin Connect account and try to authorize it again. Failing that, if you have your activities on Strava, you can setup Strava sync. Failing that, you can plug in your device and upload your activities off your Garmin. If you still have trouble, contact support and we’ll try and figure something else out. Sorry you’re having trouble.

Thanks Armando! it worked with Strava and it gave me a realistic thr threshold value ( 180, which I have done in duathlons). i will be trying one of the free sample workouts connected to my Wahoo kicker ( 4 years old)… I have one question that you may be able to answer pretty quickly. I,ll be using my Iphone with Xert Player App to control the kicker with the downloaded workout . The workout starts at 114 Watts. Does the Xert Player App screen indicate the present step (114) and the next step? Otherwise it will be a big surprise and if that is the case I will need to print out the diagram so that I have a roadmap to follow, otherwise it could dead stop me when it jumps to 300!!!.

Is the Iphone App the best way? I think I reaf that the Garmin 520 or the element also do the same thing ( but I dont have either)!