Threshold and Testing

Since I’ve been on this platform I’ve limited my testing and relied on breakthroughs to keep my threshold up to date. This year I’ve been riding more and Xert is telling me my threshold is 230W, however, based on how I feel I know it’s higher through experience.

I tried some power intervals this weekend, and I shouldn’t have been able to hold ~310-316 for 3 min. I feel that with a threshold of 230W that would have cracked me and a range of ~238-258W would have been more realistic.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using the Xert tests for breakthroughs more often to get a more accurate threshold number?

If the numbers accurately depict your MPA during workouts, then you’re good. Ultimately, how much power you have and how you use that in training and racing is more important than a single threshold number. Training with MPA is much more specific to you and much more precise than what using %FTP and zones can provide.